4G Mobile/Residential Rotating Proxy Tutorial

Do you have an android phone lying about in your apartment that you are not using any more? Do you know that you can convert that android phone into a proxy server and make passive income with it?

This is the secret tutorial many have been searching all over the internet and can’t find. You are about to get the hidden knowledge on how to turn your android smartphone into a proxy server. If you are into internet marketing, you will know how important proxies are. There is an endless demand of proxies due to the constant blocking of the IPs.

4G mobile proxies are the current best proxies to use and they are more expensive. You can do a little research using the term “mobile proxy” and you will find many companies renting their proxy for as high as $89 per month. Imagine having your own mobile proxy servers and renting them out! Below are some of the advantages of creating a mobile proxy server using an android phone rather than using a Raspberry device and USB modems.

Save Money

With only an android phone you are set to have your own 4G rotating proxy server and you can easily find cheap used android phones around.


You can easily change location once there is a need for it. There is no networking cables or hardware devices that needs to be dismantled and moved with this setup. When you take the android phone to a new location it automatically access the new 4G IP pools of that location.

Easy To Setup

You don't need to type any shell commands or connect different devices like Raspberry pi and Modems to Hubs. Only your Android phone and some applications is what you need.

What is 4g mobile proxy?

Mobile proxies are servers that act as gateways between the device that you are using and the internet. They're like a middleman who accepts connection requests, forwards them, and then returns data to you about those requests.

Mobile proxies work by rotating IP addresses and redirecting traffic through various mobile devices connected to 3G/4G cellular towers. This makes it difficult to detect masked IP addresses, resulting in increased privacy, security, and anonymity. Your mobile 4G proxy is reserved for you and only you. Basically, you're renting a mobile phone with a SIM card.

Most of the mobile proxy server setup guides out there are too complex and expensive for an example take a look at this link. Different items like: Raspberry Pi, USB Hub, USB Modems, Ethernet Cable etc. are required to set up the server. The setup cost alone is enough to move on from the project. My mobile proxy server setup is faster and cheaper, all you need is an android phone with 2GB+ ram running on lollipop and above version. Mobile proxies are very hard to detect and block that is why it is the trending hottest type of proxy for staying anonymous online.


Proxy Types You Can Create With My Tutorial

Backconnect/Residential 4G Mobile On Demand ip Switching Proxy

In this setup the mobile proxy server is configured to change the ip whenever a request is sent to it.

Backconnect/Residential 4G Mobile Rotating Proxy

In this setup the mobile proxy server will be configured to change IP at any desired minutes/time. That is there is an option for configurable IP changing time.

Backconnect/Residential 4g Mobile Static Proxy

In this setup the mobile server will be configured to have a static ip proxy, this means that the ip doesn’t change unless the mobile server is restarted.



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4G Mobile Static Proxy Tutorial




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4G Mobile Static Proxy Tutorial

4G Mobile Rotating Proxy Tutorial



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4G Mobile 

Static Proxy Tutorial

4G Mobile Rotating Proxy Tutorial

4G Mobile

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What you can do with 4g mobile proxies

Rank Google My Business Listing: You can easily start an SEO service company with 4g mobile proxies. There is huge demand for google my business ranking and with 4g rotating proxies you will be able to rank unlimited gmb listings. The tutorial is exclusive to those that buy the Pro plan of this package.

SEO/Web Scraping: You can configure your scrapping bot to match with the mobile proxy server configuration you have. No more proxy blocks and frequent buying of new proxies. 4G mobile proxies are hard to block because you are hiding your activity in the mobile crowd with ever changing IP.

Accounts Creation/Management: 4G mobile proxy is the best for opening multiple social media accounts. You can also use it to bypass restricted access to any website depending on the country's IP.

Rent It Out: You can easily rent out your mobile proxy server on daily/weekly/monthly basis and get paid for it.



An android smartphone with 2GB+ ram (Must be rooted with android version 5.0 (lollipop) and above)
A 4g Sim Card
Internet Plan
I will provide the other requirements

It contains video setup tutorials, the mobile apps that are required and pdf manual. I have made it so comprehensive that anyone can understand.

Once the android phone has been configured and ready you can use the IP and port on any software that allows proxy. The IP and port looks like this ip: port:10093

You can easily rent out your mobile proxy on daily/weekly/monthly plan. You can also start SEO or Social media services.

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